Historic Detroit, Michigan house with new vinyl windows installed in tan to match the aged concret and brick Modern house in West Bloomfield, Michigan wtih new replacement windows and doors from WeatherGard Smaller West Bloomfield, Michigan home with new windows and shutters A large home in gray textured brick with new windows and door in Canton, Michigan
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New replacement windows installed near outdoor pool


WeatherGard manufactures and installs high-quality vinyl replacement windows right here in the Detroit metro area; each comes with a lifetime guarantee, and is made from pure virgin rigid vinyl which will never crack, blister, fade or flake.

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Fiberglass insulation pouring out of hose

Attic & Wall Insulation

Detroit's harsh winters and hot, humid summers make proper home insulation a must. Our experts can install attic and wall insulation in your home to substantially reduce your energy expenses.

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Burgundy entry door on colonial home

Entry Doors

Replacing your existing entry door with a new steel or fiberglass door is an excellent way of making your home more attractive while improving comfort and excluding insects and other pests.

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New WeatherGard replacement window installed in a kitchen, above the sink, on a bright sunny day

WeatherGard Windows vs. the Competition

No other contractor in the area—not Hansons, not Majic, and especially not Wallside—can offer you a residential window that is genuinely commercial grade at a reasonable and competitive price; this is our niche, and we dominate it. Only a WeatherGard residential window has the measure of raw structural toughness and inch-by-inch physical stoutness that are required to last decades under the stress and strain that must be endured on the ground floor of an apartment high-rise. The impressive robustness of our product is the result of extraordinarily rugged construction (our frame is twice as heavy as those sold by our competitors) combined with intelligent engineering and a commitment to meeting the most stringent and exacting build quality standards in the entire industry. Furthermore, since we build our windows in our factory on West 8 Mile Rd., we’ve got pricing and customization options that many of our biggest competitors plainly do not have, since they purchase and resell generic, low quality windows that have been manufactured elsewhere and shipped to Detroit.

Unmatched strength and top build quality aren’t the only considerations that make WeatherGard windows the top choice in Southeast Michigan. We're also a top innovator in energy efficient fenestration technologies—all of our windows have a U-factor of .29 (an R-value of roughly 3.448) or better. Our windows make use of low emissivity film membranes that are the direct result of recent research advances made by university chemists and material scientists to deliver the best possible thermal performance for homes located within Michigan's heating-dominated climate zone. We also use the most advanced, energy-efficient spacer and bonding materials in every window that we sell, while our competitors continue to insist, as they have for decades, on using the least efficient materials (in order to maintain higher per-unit margins).

We've always insisted that customers collect the facts and study the official specifications of our products in comparison with those of our competitors because the quality of every constitutive component of every window that we make gives us a palpable, unmistakable advantage in every essential area: real expected longevity, thermal efficiency, and value. We therefore invite you to invest your time in learning more about what makes WeatherGard Windows better.

“I just want to thank [the installers] for doing such a lovely job on the windows. They were helpful, respectful, and they cleaned up extremely well after the job. ...They were polite and helpful beyond the call... Thank you!”
—Kim P., Detroit
BBB Accredited

WeatherGard Is Rated A+ By the Better Business Bureau

We've been a Better Business Bureau accredited business for more than 17 years, and we presently enjoy the organization's highest rating. Over the past 20 years, we've earned a reputation for honesty and trustworthiness in an industry which is known for deceitful sales tactics, unreasonable delays, and unjustifiable cost overruns. As our customers will attest, we offer a good product at a good price, and our installation work is the best available—our experts install your product correctly, and then clean up the mess before walking you through how to use and properly maintain the product. Excellence is standard practice.

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