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We build windows that last longer than anything our competitors are offering, and we've designed them to deliver the energy savings of a far more expensive, ‘boutique’ energy conservation product. This has been a winning combination.

Durability & Longevity

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The most important thing to remember about us is that we manufacture our windows; we don't mark up and resell generic rebranded windows after importing them from China or anywhere else. They're built by Detroiters in our factory on 8 Mile, so we don't have to rely on the quality control standards and procedures of some other manufacturer. The quality and performance of every one of our products is entirely in our hands, and we deliver the most robust, longest-lived window that current technology will allow.

Commercial Grade Strength

If you're shopping with our competitors, you're familiar with standard fare residential grade window frames and sashes. These products meet the minimum standards for structural strength and soundness, and if you choose to install them, the subtle seasonal flexing and shifting of your home will eventually warp and distort the frames and create cracks at the corners. The sashes, unlike the frames, aren't bound to the studs in the wall, so they won't neatly adjust to suit the misshapen frames. This causes sashes to bind, and the windows soon become impossible to latch. This is why typical replacement windows need replacing after ten years, or a little longer.

What we're offering is altogether different: our frames are double the weight of those sold by our major competitors, being both substantially thicker and denser. The difference in bulk and ruggedness is plain to the eye. Thanks to this generous overbuilding, combined with astute engineering, our product wears and lasts like the wooden windows common to early 20th century homes, but with radically superior thermal efficiency and without the need for regular maintenance (e.g., painting).

Pure Virgin Vinyl

In general, there are four window materials to choose from, all of which are available in the Metro-Detroit market: wood, aluminum, fiberglass, and vinyl. High quality windows can be made from any of these materials, but we think vinyl has got an edge. This is primarily because windows made from materials other than vinyl have to be mechanically joined at the corners, using a combination of glue with screws, nails, or rivets. In a vinyl window frame, the corner joints can be welded rather than mechanically fastened, to create a corner which will stand up to a great deal more pressure than a traditional joint. Insofar as the corners are always the most vulnerable part of the frame, and must be able to withstand the physical forces exerted by a multistory home or apartment building, this added strength is a substantial benefit and extends the life of the window. Of course, it should also be noted that vinyl is lower maintenance than other materials, since it never needs painting.

Now granting, at least for the sake of this discussion, that vinyl is the best choice, it must be observed that many vinyl windows are made from cheap, comparatively weak, low quality vinyl, which is known to crack and may even become visibly discolored. We only use completely pure “virgin” uPVC vinyl—the toughest, longest lasting vinyl we can get. It holds its color for a lifetime, and so long as it's clean, it looks new.

Energy Efficiency

The past twenty years have seen two major changes which have altered Americans' understanding of energy consumption: first, costs have risen and the curve is now painfully steep; second, the visible ecological and political impacts of fossil fuel use have made clear that our energy gorging is unsustainable. These shifts are bringing us into an era of conservation and sustainability which has already begun in millions of homes. 40% of all home renovations are being done green, and this proportion is expanding rapidly.

Central to every green renovation project is the efficiency of the home's windows. We design, build, and install windows that drastically reduce energy costs and consumption, and therefore move our community toward greater sustainability. Over the past several years, our engineers have made a number of critical improvements aimed at increasing homeowners' savings, and at diminishing the environmental impact of our product.

State-of-the-Art Low-E Coating

Super spacer thermally inert spacer technology

During the 1970s, chemists and material scientists developed a “low emissivity” (‘Low-E’) material which allows light to pass through unaffected, while at the same time inhibiting the passage of heat energy. By coating glass in this material, windows could be made to allow sunlight to pour in, while reducing the amount of heat lost by the glass. This initial breakthrough has been followed by steady, gradual improvements up to the present day, allowing high quality windows to achieve thermal efficiency that would have been impossible a generation ago.

Drawing on developments made in the last few years, we apply a new titanium tetrachloride film to the inside surface of our double-pane glass. This titanium Low-E layer has been designed to perform optimally in Detroit's cool Northern climate, delivering as much as 34% in savings on yearly heating costs, while slowing the rate of fabric fade inside your home.

Thermally Inert Spacers

Super spacer thermally inert spacer technology

Of all of the high-tech innovations in fenestration that have been made over the past several years, the most groundbreaking has been the revolution in the design of spacers. In a multi-pane window, the panes of glass are held together by a spacer, which is bonded to each pane of glass at the perimeter, forming a glass box. Traditionally, the spacer has been made from one or another kind of metal (as in the windows sold by our local competitors), but it has recently become possible to produce structural foam rigid enough to achieve the same structural strength as metal.

As you'd probably expect, metal spacers are grossly inefficient because they transfer thermal energy as readily as an iron skillet. If the metal parts of the spacer are replaced with a thermally inert insulator like structural foam, the energy efficiency benefit is obvious. This is exactly what we've done, while our competitors keep to obsolete technology.

Lifetime Guaranteed

Most vinyl and fiberglass windows are replaced just 10 to 15 years after initial installation, and they can be costly to properly recycle. If they're simply discarded (which is typically the case), the windows add an enormous amount of non-biodegradable material to our community's solid waste stream, and cost homeowners drastically more money over the long term. A long-lasting, highly durable window is the better choice for homeowners, both in terms of cost and convenience, and will also help to reduce human impact on the natural environment. That's why we build a window that we're proud to guarantee for life.

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